Chemical Peel Treatments Aftercare

Doctor Kate advises…

  • Avoid exercise and heat treatments (sauna, steam rooms, sunbeds) for 24hrs after procedure.
  • For the next 24-48hrs avoid the use of abrasive sponges or exfoliating products; applying recommended moisturiser at least twice daily.
  • Avoid products containing alpha-hydroxy acids. 
  • Do not peel, pick, scratch or scrape skin or any loose skin resulting from the treatment. This must come off in it’s own time with no assistance. Ignoring this advice can lead to scarring.
  • Do not wax facial hair for 2 weeks post treatment.
  • Delay the use of makeup for 24-48hrs (if you need to put it on, we recommend mineral makeup).
  • Adverse reactions to chemical peels are rare but can include peeling; redness; scabbing; infection; recurrence of cold sores and prolonged sensitivity to wind and sun.

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