Fillers Aftercare

Doctor Kate advises…

It is normal for there to be slight redness, swelling, bruises and tenderness around the treated area immediately after treatment. Lips in particular can swell up the next day but soon settle back to the volume we are aiming for. As discussed it is important to look for any signs that a blood vessel has been affected, these include bluish discolouration away from the injection sites and sometimes a yellow crusting to the skin. If you are worried please contact me immediately.

Please do massage any lumps you can feel – this is unlikely but best addressed within the first 24 hours because the filler is still settling in and can be easily smoothed.

After treatment I recommend that you do not wear any makeup for 12 hours following the treatment and please try to avoid any extended exposure to the sun, UV rays and extremes of temperatures below 0°C or saunas after treatment.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are not permanent and the use of hyalase can dissolve the filler away if needed.

The results tend to last between 6 to 12 months, everyone is different.

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