Gloucestershire Aqualyx Treatments by Nurse Sue

Nurse Sue offers Aqualyx to remove stubborn pockets of fat and sculpt the body.

Aqualyx injections are a very effective and non invasive treatment to dissolve subcutaneous body fat that is resistant to diet and physical exercise.

Aqualyx injections break down fat cells in a controlled manner so the body can safely remove them through the lymphatic system.

Please contact Nurse Sue to arrange Aqualyx Injections in Gloucestershire.

Aqualyx Prices

Nurse Sue offers Aqualyx injections in Gloucestershire at excellent prices

from £150


from £225

Upper Abdomen

from £150

Lower Abdomen

from £225

Muffin Top

from £225


from £250


from £225

Contact Doctor Kate Cosmetics

If you would like more information about the treatments Doctor Kate offers please contact her on 07903 182 825 or Nurse Sue on 07590 332 321, or alternatively you can complete the contact form below:

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