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the Botox facts

by Doctor Kate

Botox can prevent new wrinkles.  I inject Botox to smooth out client’s existing wrinkles and regular procedures mean it can prevent new lines forming on your forehead crows feet and smiles lines. Imagine folding a piece of paper you create a line, this also works for skin, stop creating folds and the new skin grows through smoothly. It is true you can save money by using Botox as a preventative treatment, as deeper wrinkles are harder to treat and may need more than Botox to resolve. 
Botox is not too painful. The needles I use for Botox procedures are tiny, and most clients would say they experience minimum discomfort.  My team is highly skilled with injectables, so your treatment should be quick and smooth. Indeed, most of my new clients will look at me and say ‘was that it’ there is an option to apply numbing cream on request, so please do ask however I rarely need to use it. 
Botox results are not immediate, they appear gradually over the days following your treatment, with the maximum result being clear in about two weeks. This is the golden window to reassess muscle movement and tweak to get the best results.  Results usually last for three to four months, depending on how quickly your body processes the Botox. I advise booking your next appointment before leaving the clinic to ensure the best long term results get into a Botox routine and the results just get better and better. 
Botox is a lunchtime procedure with no downtime.  It is true that most of my clients have no visible side effects from having Botox, but you can experience mild swelling and sometimes a little bruising, so be aware of how your body may react. 
Botox does not freeze your face.  This is one of the most common misconceptions about Botox.   This only happens with improper dosage or by it being administered by an unskilled practitioner. Botox treatments are bespoke, there is not a same dose and same injection site rule for all faces.   I like to give clients natural looking result and treat your face as a whole, so you can still express all your emotions.  
fun fact!
As a Botox nerd, I love this!  How did we find out Botox treats wrinkles? Botox has been used widely in medicine for a very long time and has a robust safety history. In the 1980s a patient who was having Botox to help eyelid muscular spasms noticed that the treatment had also softened the lines on her face, the surgeon a Dr Jean Carruthers the godmother of Botox started a clinical trial to look to see if this miracle was actually true and the rest is literally history! 
fun fact!
Clients often ask me how Botox actually works?  My answer – with apologies to my medical school pharmacology professor, is that Botox is a denatured protein from the botulinum bacteria.  There are actually more than one bacterium used today, the onabotuimum, abobotulinum and Incobotulimum which is why there are different Botox injections available.   My go-to product when I inject Botox is botox botox.  I also use dysport for what I call  ‘feisty foreheads’ that need a lot of taming, usually horse riders and athletes.  
When injected, Botox sits in the neuromuscular junctions and prevents the release of the nacetly choline neurotransmitter. This means that your nerve is still sending messages, your muscle is ready to contract but as it can’t hear the message from the nerve, your body gradually breaks down the Botox and everything start working again as let’s remember Botox is never permanent.  
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Our Ethos

Clients never ask us to make them look younger, they share emotions. It’s about looking less tired, less sad or less angry.  Seeing how confident and empowered clients feel after a treatment really drives us forward to be the very best we can be, and we are very lucky to feel totally fulfilled in the work we do today.

Our team is all medically trained experts, and we deliver a huge range of treatments across three clinics, providing a pre-eminent service that ensures all our clients have total peace of mind.

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