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Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners JCCP 000398

Doctor Kate qualified as a doctor in 1994, and is a partner in a General Practice in Cheltenham.

Doctor Kate has worked in Aesthetic Medicine for a number of years, and she continues to update her skills and expertise regularly under the guidance of industry experts.


The key services Doctor Kate offers are:

  • Anti-Wrinkle Botox Injections
  • Dermal Fillers Facial Rejuvenation & Augmentation
  • Sclerotherapy – Treatment Of Leg Thread Veins

Doctor Kate offers a range of non surgical aesthetic treatments enabling clients to rejuvenate and enhance their natural beauty. She practices from several clinics in Gloucestershire. Doctor Kate is committed to using quality products safely, responsibly and appropriately for her clients.

Doctor Kate prides herself on her confidential and personal approach to clients and complimentary no obligation consultations, ensuring they feel comfortable and relaxed when meeting to discuss their requirements.

Every client is important to Doctor Kate and she works tirelessly to ensure they feel listened to and cared for. This includes delivering quality treatments, supplying excellent standards of post-treatment care and offering support that even includes access to Doctor Kate’s personal telephone number. She looks forward to meeting you soon.

GMC 4103048

Nurse Sue is a registered nurse prescriber and has worked with Doctor Kate for 15 years.

Nurse Sue is passionate about aesthetic medicine and is Doctor Kate’s right hand woman. She has worked in London, Sydney and now based in Gloucestershire. Nurse Sue has the same ideals and approach to her clients as Doctor Kate and aspires to excellent bespoke treatments for all.


The key services Nurse Sue offers are:

  • Anti-Wrinkle Botox Injections
  • Dermal Fillers Facial Rejuvenation & Augmentation
  • Vitamin B12 Injections For Wellbeing & Energy
  • Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections

NMC 86K0740E

Nurse Sue offers appointments in Cheltenham and Gloucester.

Doctor Oonagh McSwiney is an Aesthetic Doctor and Dental Surgeon

Doctor Oonagh is the creator of the Cotswold look and specialises in lip enhancement in addition to offering botox and filler treatments to other areas of the face. Oonagh loves her role as an aesthetic doctor creating beautiful results and finds if hugely rewarding enabling her clients to achieve their desired results.


The key services Doctor Oonagh offers are:

  • Dermal Lip Filler The Cotswold look
  • Antiwrinkle Botox Injections
  • Dermla Fillers For Facial Rejuvenation & Augmentation

GDC 271150

Doctor Oonagh offers appointments in Gloucester and Cheltenham

“I trust Doctor Kate implicitly to keep me looking my absolute best."

“The only person I would trust to go near my lips! Lovely lady who will brighten your day."

“I have been having Botox for over 6 years and Doctor Kate gives me time and information to help us make the best decisions for me. I would not trust anyone else."

"I have been seeing Doctor Kate for Botox treatments since 2012. I love the rested look that Botox has given me. My frown lines and 'No.11s' on my forehead have been eliminated and yet I still have a natural fresh look. The procedure is quick and painless. I would thoroughly recommend Doctor Kate as I am thrilled with the results."

"Sue was absolutely amazing, I can see where you both get your great reputation from. She made me feel very at ease, I will definitely be back!"

"I am really impressed with results from the last time, looks amazing. My aim was to get my face completely wrinkle free by Xmas and I'm sure i can get there. I can't thank you enough Sue."

"Hi Sue, just wanted to thank you so much for my wonderful forehead! I have the best forehead in Gloucestershire."

"Thank you so much for today Oonagh! Kept admiring myself in my rear view mirror in traffic, haha. So pleased already. You're a great doctor and made me feel so relaxed."

"Thank you Oonagh, for giving me such good advice, it's so rare to meet someone who tells you what's best for you rather than what will make them the biggest profit! I wouldn't trust anyone else.."

"Hey Oonagh, I just wanted to message you to say how relaxed you made me feel today! My lips have always been a source of self consciousness for me but I immediately feel happier and I can't wait to wear my new lipsticks!."

Contact Doctor Kate Cosmetics

If you would like more information about the treatments Doctor Kate offers please contact her on 07903 182 825 or Nurse Sue on 07590 332 321, or alternatively you can complete the contact form below:

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