Sclerotherapy Aftercare

Doctor Kate advises…

The injections sting a little but this dies down rapidly and is quite tolerable. At the injection sites, you will get small bee-sting marks, which usually disappear by the following day and need no special treatment however there is a small risk that the skin over the injection site can form an ulcer. This is very unlikely to happen but please contact me immediately if there are any areas of concern.

No bandaging is necessary and you can carry on as usual after the treatment. The only recommendations are to avoid heavy exercise, hot baths, saunas or excessive alcohol for 2 days.

After the first treatment, it takes a few weeks for the veins to become noticeably lighter. Then you will may need to have further sessions at 4 to 6 week intervals until the veins have either disappeared completely or have become so thin and pale as to be hardly visible.

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